Hey Fledglings!

I found this book whilst searching after craving a fun and easy read and I was not disappointed at all! I had never even heard of this series by Robyn Peterman but I’m so glad I found it. It is so funny.

Fashionably Dead is the story of Astrid as she is turned into a vampire after trying to quit smoking and her Nana’s death. She goes from art teacher to the elderly to saviour of the paranormal world. Honestly, I’m not sure which planet Robyn Peterman is from but I sure as hell want to visit. The book may not be the most literary work I have ever read but it was beyond funny.

The plot started out reasonably normal for any paranormal romance or fantasy adventure, but as the book progressed, it got more and more absurd. It reminded me of having to play games with kids. You start out with a set of rules that everyone agrees to and you think it will be straightforward. Then, Peterman, the child in this equation, decides it is perfectly acceptable to add a couple new rules to the game. So you, the reader, role with it. But then they do it again. And again. And again. Eventually, you don’t even notice that you are no longer playing the same game and just enjoy it for what it is. This is exactly what this novel was. Pure and adulterated fun, giving the reader everything they didn’t know they needed. Plot twists and game changers just kept coming, and no matter how ridiculous they were, I just kept going with the flow.

Astrid was such a fun female protagonist and I couldn’t help really liking her. Her narrative was laugh-out-loud funny throughout the whole thing. She was slightly ridiculous, yes, but this didn’t detract from her likability factor one bit. I did find her relationships with her various paranormal guardians hilarious and I think that was the point…? I hope so, because it is impossible to take this book seriously. There were also some reasonably deeper elements to the book, adding to the plot stakes.

Ethan, who has a reasonably straightforward name for a five hundred year old vampire, is way more serious than Astrid. He is the typical, classic alpha-male character who is secretly a big softie for the woman he loves. There wasn’t anything overly special about his character but his interactions with Astrid made everyone immediately more fun, including him. The sex scenes between the two were so funny due to their excess. I have never read about so many god damn orgasms in one book with not that many sex scenes in proportion to its length. I laughed out loud. A lot. Nothing about Peterman’s writing is subtle, so this wasn’t surprising by any means. In some ways, this novel could easily be a parody of paranormal romance because a lot of this book took things to the extreme. Either way, I loved it.

I would definitely recommend this to any adult lover of paranormal romance or fantasy who loves comedy. This book is a mixture of Sophie Kinsella’s classic chick-lit style and J. R. Ward’s Black Dagger Brotherhood series. I am completely unashamed of my utter love for this book.


Kate x


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