Dear Fledglings,

Welcome to my review of #5 of the Chinooks Hockey Team series. When reading See Jane Score, I wasn’t sure which other male character I would like to read about. However, what drew me to #5 of the series wasn’t the female character but the male character. I was intrigued to know what Gibson would do with “dead girl no.1” and if her characters would be as charming as #2.

Luckily, I was pleasantly surprised. Gibson did it again! This installment follows former captain of the Chinooks Hockey Team, Mark Bressler, and his new assistant Chelsea Ross, the struggling actress and assistant to the stars. Thinking about it now, the novels followed the same structure – from hate to misunderstanding to lust to love to heartbreak and back to love again. Spoiler, sorry. Its predictable, yes, but it didn’t read that way. The relationships and the characters seemed somehow unique and believable to me. I think this is down to Gibson’s talent with authentic dialogue.

Chelsea, from her description in the blurb, would normally be portrayed as a dumb bimbo character that was there as the ex to get in the way of the better, more moral female lead. I believe Gibson knew this too and therefore created Chelsea to break down these stereotypes. I like authors, especially those who write in the romance genre, who don’t follow the norm. Gibson portrays a complex woman in a character that is not normally given the time of day and I appreciated that.

Mark Bressler is also an interesting character. His journey is the backbone of the novel and the reader is invited to follow along with him. At the beginning he was genuinely obnoxious. Not even pretty boy obnoxious; hit girls in the playground because he fancied them obnoxious. However, he really matured and developed as a character throughout the novel. Props to Gibson for that.

I would definitely recommend Gibson for any one wanting a light-hearted romantic comedy but who gets bored with the superficial tropes that plague the genre. Yes, overall it functions the same way, but refreshingly so.


Kate xx


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