Dear Fledglings,

I’m sorry the posts have been very inconsistent recently; I don’t have much of an excuse but I’m going to blame it on moving to the U.S for 6 months. The last week or so I have been in a reading mood and I have been powering through a novel a night. I’ve decided that I shall review 2 books from Rachel Gibson’s Chinook’s Hockey Team seriesIt is a sports romance series and I was surprisingly refreshed by the characters in her novels. I have only read #2 and #5 of the series as their descriptions intrigued me the most but seeing how much I liked them I could well be tempted to read some more.

See Jane Score follows Jane, a reporter and salacious column writer, and Luc, a Hockey player, as they fall in love. What I liked about this story was that neither of the characters was one dimensional and despite the general plot line being cliché, Gibson managed to approach it from a refreshing angle.

Jane was by far one of my favourite leads from a romance novel in a long time. She was flawed but funny and independent. I never found myself distressed over stupid damsel in distress moments. She owned her actions and made the book way more enjoyable than it would have been had her character been different. Similarly, Luc was interesting as well. He started out as a typical jock that hated the intelligent reporter but Gibson’s characterisation really fleshed him out, making him suitably charming for the lead role. I especially liked his relationship with his sister as it really helped develop his back story. It was refreshing to read a potentially realistic relationship. It was dramatic in its premise but somehow all the dialogue and feelings felt very real.

One of my favourite parts of the book was the dialogue. It was never forced and perfectly balanced the line between witty and realistic. I never found myself thinking, “as if anyone can come up with that reply so quickly” when it is obvious the author has slogged for days over one witty encounter.

The pace was pretty good, and everything evolved at a realistic pace although I did find the ending slightly rushed.

Overall I would highly recommend this to readers that like romance but can’t stand all the cheese and showiness that often comes with it.

Bye for now Fledglings,

Love Kate xx


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