Welcome Fledglings, to my review of Leo by Mia Sheridan! I know some of you must be wondering why I’m reviewing another Mia Sheridan book when I wasn’t totally won over by Archer’s Voice. Hopefully this review will explain this!

I was looking through Goodreads, as I often do, and as the reviews for Mia Sheridan’s other books seemed to be so high I decided to take a look at some of them more closely. I read all of their descriptions, and was really drawn to the story of  Evie and Leo and Jake. I wasn’t expecting miracles after the last book of hers I read but I thought I might as well give it a go!

After reading this book of hers, I think I have pinpointed what I don’t like about her writing. It’s the fact that her female leads, the main characters, never seem as fleshed out as her male leads. It seems as though their existence in the novel is only for the salvation of the male characters! Why can’t the female, Evie, be more flawed and confused. Can’t she be the one to have a strong character arc where she truly discovers herself? And not just discover herself sexually, like they often do in Sheridan’s books. If Sheridan’s treatment of the characters was equal, her books would be much more enjoyable to read. It wouldn’t be her lead female deciding whether she wanted to keep the mysterious man in her life, but them deciding together, as flawed people, that they love each other despite their issues.

One of the frustrating things is that it didn’t seem to matter how hurt Evie was by Leo’s actions. It was never resolved enough for me. I understand he has suffered enough from his past, but the immature side of me wanted him to suffer from the hurt that he has caused Evie! Every time Sheridan gave herself a good plot point or character moment to work on she let it go to waste or fell short every time! She should have made him suffer a little more I think.

Overall, I enjoyed Leo a lot more than Archer’s Voice as I found the characters’ stories more interesting. Their childhood is painful to read about and I found it very moving. What did really frustrate me though was how Evie continued to take the shit that Jake gave her. I know it was part of the story line but argh! It was so frustrating to read. After THAT revelation as well, if I was Evie I would have taken way more than a couple of days to talk to Jake about what was revealed. However, the reasons for Leo’s disappearance did surprise me. I must say, it was very hard to read about and I think, though I have no personal knowledge on the issue so can’t be considered an authority on the matter, she did deal with the issue carefully and compassionately. I have never given it much thought, and it doesn’t get discussed much, so I found her exploration of it both moving and interesting.

Because of this I found the ending sweet. I am glad I read the book! If I see another book of Sheridan’s I like the description of, and am in the mood for some cheesy romance, I will be sure to pick it up and give it a go. Overall Leo is a classic contemporary romance that added a little punch with the troubled storylines. I would recommend it to anyone looking for a darker romance.


Kate x


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