Fledglings. This. Is. What. You. Call. A. Romance.

I honestly can’t believe how much I cried at this book!

I have been in the Romance mood recently, and this is one of the many books I have read. And I must say, it is up there with my Colleen Hoover favourites!

The story follows Elizabeth and Tristan on their long deserved search for love, peace, forgiveness, healing, and family. We meet Elizabeth and Tristan a year after the car accidents that caused the heartbreak that we find the characters in the middle of. Elizabeth lost her husband, Steven, and father of their five year old daughter Emma. Tristan lost his wife, Jamie, and son, Charlie. When Elizabeth returns to her and Steven’s home after a year of staying with her mother, it turns out that Tristan is her reclusive neighbour. From this point we see two people trying to fix themselves, and each other… And it’s beautiful.

I have watched and read a couple of books over the years about familial loss. Books like P.S I Love You made my cry so much I swore to stay away from them as much as I could. I think it was a mixture of how sad they are, and also, as a university student, marriage isn’t really in my five year plan just yet. I found this book searching on the Kindle Store and the description sounded like your run of the mill romance where there was a bad boy/mystery man and the girl who comes in and tames him. BUT NO! Brittainy C. Cherry (weird spelling but that’s it) delivers so much more.

From the outset, though I can’t imagine losing a spouse let alone a child, I found myself relating so much to the pain the characters were going trough. I suffered with both of them and Cherry made my heart bleeeeeed. I honest to God could not stop crying. It was kind of embarrassing actually.

Tristan was such a painful character, but you felt for him and I didn’t blame him for all of his mistakes. I loved his relationship with Emma and Zeus and it was one of the most touching parts of the book to see him find a family again. I did think his actions towards the end were understandable, but this didn’t stop me from getting angry at him. I’m glad Elizabeth stood up for herself when it came to this matter, and it wasn’t just brushed over as it is in some cases.

Faye and Tristan’s escapades involving dog shit and Matty’s patio did have me chuckling and served as some much needed comic relief. I liked Faye’s character as she felt very real to me. She reminds me of certain people I can imagine knowing in real life. It was impressive of Cherry to achieve this given that she is not a particularly central character when it comes to the plot.

Elizabeth was wonderful. She was moving and I really felt for her the whole way through. I loved that she was a flawed character, and that her relationship with her mother allowed her to grow even more as a person. I was so happy when things started going their way, but when a certain arse decided to come in and drop a bombshell my heart really did break for Lizzie. She suffered so much for something she didn’t have anything to do with. At first her relationship with Emma seemed a bit in the background as the story was more about her grief of getting over Steven. I kind of appreciated this progression as it followed the Journey Lizzie herself went on when trying to put her life into perspective again. I loved Emma and Lizzie’s relationship by the end and almost wished the story focused in a bit more on the relationship between mother and daughter at times as well as Emma and Tristan.

My favourite thing about the novel was that all the characters felt palpable. They could have easily been people I know in real life and Cherry made sure we knew that none of us are perfect. It also reminded me to hug my family a little closer every time we say goodbye, and that can never be a bad thing.

So thank you Brittainy!


Kate xxx


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