In celebration of Valentine’s Day I will review a Sci-Fi thriller, because fuck you romance. Fuck you.

Recently I have read a string of underwhelming books and I am glad to say this broke the pattern – it’s 400 pages of just my type of novel. With America on the edge of a civil war and the best federal agent Cooper (of course he’s the best, would you want to read a book where he was just ok? It’s superhuman savants he’s up against, not kitten killers) routinely ‘terminates’ the brilliants who pose a danger to public safety. This is made more interesting because he is a brilliant himself, a Tier One. The higher the Tier the more ‘powerful’ the gift. With suggestions of mutations, the X-Men raised their wonderful head and it was hard not to think about them as I read through. The brilliants have more subtle powers though, often seen to be able to find patterns in human behaviour and their surroundings. The power of Maths compels them. This of course pales in the powers of regeneration, mind control and teleportation but I didn’t mind as much as I thought I would because these brilliants remind me of savants which have strong connections to Autism. With this link to reality, it made brilliants seem more plausible, making the outcome of the book even more terrifying.

Of course, with 1% of the population being geniuses and a small percentage of them being walking super computers, social anxiety and racism are issues that are weaved through the book. Cooper is a capable man thrown into a situation that would make most break down with anxiety. Of course, like any good thriller, his family is also in danger. The bad guy has them and knows Cooper will do whatever it takes to get them back, even if it means losing the valuable piece of evidence it will take to finally nail the asshole. With an eventual sidekick in Shannon, he pretty easily beats the bad guys at the end. That’s one part I didn’t like; the apparent ease in which he won. But I suppose when you can read your opponent’s feelings with ease, finally getting face to face with them is the easy bit.

With terrorists, betrayal and going undercover it may hold a cliché record; this book was made for Hollywood. If you don’t look for complex characters and an unpredictable plot, but just a really good joy ride of one man trying to save humanity, you have your book.

Of course it’s a trilogy, the shit storm has only just begun.

All in all, it’s another terrorist novel, but this time with superpowers.

Rose x

P.S. I hope you all break up on this corporate created day…


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