Hey Fledglings!

Looks like I’m officially back on the romance train! Clearly Archer’s Voice didn’t do as good a job as I thought it did.

I spent a bit of time on Goodreads looking for books to read, and for some reason came across this! I liked this novel a lot more than I was expecting from the angsty cover and really enjoyed it! It was sweet, modern and, most importantly for me, moving!

I really liked Leah as a character! She was flawed but her easy wit and compassionate personality made her compelling and easy to identify with. Danny was a great male lead as well. I liked how this was somehow more original than most romance books. Yes it follows the tropes of hidden secrets and will they, won’t they end up together? But I think Glenn did something very original, and so much less cliche, by not making it some magical link that keeps them bumping into each other. The relationship develops because they are naturally attracted to each other, and like any normal person, they outwardly pursue the other, even against their better judgment (Mr Darcy quote). This is not some ‘magical connection’ that made this happen, but the fact that they are flawed people that have issues but actually want to be together. I also liked how they stuck around because they liked the other, not immediately and without reason fell in love!

At first I was a bit iffy on Danny. I liked his character but I really couldn’t think of a reason for his ‘hot and cold’ act towards Leah. I thought maybe he was responsible for Bryan’s death, that it was drink driving. Or maybe he was ill? I really didn’t expect the revelation that came! Honestly, I was stumped, and that doesn’t often happen! I was so shocked. It really added to Glenn’s originality and made the book so much more interesting. You really were pulled into Leah’s decision of whether to stay or go, and I was honestly torn between both. I’m glad she stayed but from that point on I couldn’t really see a happy ending for them.

In Chapter 16, I actually put the book down. They had gotten to a happy place, and in my mind it was an easy place to end the book. I hate sad endings and I was convinced this was it for me and Coming Home. It was over Christmas so I easily stepped away from it and immersed myself into an amazing Christmas with my family. On Boxing Day though, I had finished Leo by Mia Sheridan and decided to push myself to read the rest of the novel.

I’m glad I pushed through and read to the end because Glenn gives you a nice happy ending. You had to work for it, as did the characters, but it was nice and felt deserved. It also felt very in keeping with the characters which was sweet. I think it earned its 4.1 rating on Goodreads and overall was a good solid romance with a splash of originality which was refreshing for a change.

I am keeping this romance adventure going for the next couple of weeks so keep watching for more.

Kate xx


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