Answer: Violence and a whole load of Zombies.

That’s the only good thing about this book; the action. Some of if can be rather random, and if you don’t like horror, don’t even think about reading this book. (There was one part even I thought was too far gone as it was entirely irrelevant to the plot.) The plot was the typical ex-army alpha male who will protect his family at any cost, the family happily live in a small estate that they seal off at the first kind of trouble. While traveling to get supplies they meet a creepy zombie who seems to have some sort of intelligence left. Of course, no one will believe the protagonist when he tells them that. She appears several times in the book and is obviously going to be a big part of the overall plot. Well, she’s not dead yet so I would be expecting her in book two.

The entire book is centred on making the small camp safe and trying to carry on with life. However, this is blown to pieces at the end. The end was entirely obvious and you simply read on waiting for it to happen. It also has a useless sub plot of a vengeful gang member, but its only use is to show the reader how amazing the protagonist is compared to the dangerous killer. Of course nobody important dies, except a dog. How could you Tufo. That was the saddest part of the book.

The main protagonist is surrounded by friends and his sons who are as capable as he is, with a few utterly useless females thrown in. Yay. I didn’t really like any of the characters as they were either perfectly capable of handling the horrifying situation or just plain stupid. Some of them even switched between the two. The protagonist’s humour was juvenile (expect excrement jokes) and often so out of place it throws you off the action completely. They all would have died in the first couple of days of an apocalypse.

I can’t exactly write much else about it as it’s just a straight, white man’s apocalyptic fantasy played out in all its gory glory.

It’s great that he started as a self-published author, but I don’t understand how he became so popular, there are plenty of good zombie books out there. In the Zombie Fallout series there are NINE books in total. And I won’t be buying any more of them. He has also produced Lycan Fallout… It seems his book are love it or hate it and I unfortunately hate it.

From a seriously underwhelmed Rose.


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