Hello there my little fledglings! I hope you’re all keeping well and having the most wonderful Christmas! This week it’s my turn, and also my pleasure to bring you my review of Colleen Hoover’s Maybe Someday! Just to put it out there, this review will contain spoilers… I tried to do it without them but as my fellow owls know, that failed miserably!

As a note of explanation for Katie having to step in for me last week, I have been reading this book on and off for weeks now because A. I’m a slow reader and B. I’ve had deadlines galore at university up until we broke up for Christmas! So the long and short of it is that I wasn’t ready when it came round to my turn to do a review last week! Anyway, seeing as I broke up last Friday, I got straight back down to reading this glorious novel and in between visiting family and preparing for Christmas, I finally finished reading it! I was so excited to write my review that I started immediately! Also, I have to say a huge thank you to Katie for being my guiding light and recommending this book to me in the first place – I’m forever in her debt! Anyway, without further ado, I shall get on with it!

I’m not even sure where to begin with this review because there is SO MUCH to talk about and as it’s still very fresh in my mind, ideas and thoughts are buzzing around my brain like nobodies business! However, I think I’ll start with talking about the female protagonist, Sydney. I have to say that I have slightly mixed feelings about her but for the most part, she’s a great person. She’s relatively industrious and independent and has a good sense of right and wrong. She also has no trouble looking after herself which is something we learn on the very first page – well, the very first sentence in fact! I really admire that about her as one thing I can’t stand is a damsel in distress! However, I also found her a little annoying at times as she had let herself remain in a relationship with a chauvinistic pig for two years when she knew she wasn’t entirely happy and had been letting him pretty much walk all over her. Despite that, I have to say that after she’s broken up with him, she does remain true to herself and is adamant not to take him back. When all the drama kicks off (which you won’t have long to wait for as this book is an emotional roller coaster from the start), I really appreciated her level-headedness and the fact that she kept herself together. Despite having been cheated on by her boyfriend of two years with her best friend and room mate no less, as well as being made homeless, she remains pretty calm and doesn’t lose her shit like she could have easily done and like a lot of girls probably would have done (not that I’d blame them…)! Also, when she starts developing feelings for the hot guitar player in the flat across the courtyard from hers, she is honest with him and, most importantly, honest with herself.

I suppose this leads on nicely to Ridge, the aforementioned guitar player who quickly becomes the co-protagonist along with Sydney. After forming a virtual friendship with him, she ends up living with him after leaving the apartment she has been living in with Tori, her co-called best friend. I find it amusing that up until this point, Ridge and Sydney have only ever communicated via text but then the first time they meet is when she is taken in out of the rain by him and offered their spare room to live in until she gets back on her feet.

Having only viewed him from Sydney’s point of view up until this point, Ridge comes across as a bit of a dark, mysterious character which definitely made me want to know more about him. Surprisingly though, a couple of chapters in, we start to see things from his perspective and from this point on, the entire story alternates between their two points of view. I really liked this technique that Hoover used as it gave you a lot of insight into each of the character’s minds. It also gave you information about them and their motives that maybe wouldn’t have been too clear if their actions had only come across from one person’s point of view. Also, once we encounter one of the many MASSIVE twists in the story that occurs relatively early on (and COMPLETELY blew my mind), we learn something about Ridge that completely changes things and so the alternating perspectives comes in handy greatly here too!

SPOILER: To elaborate further on this, Ridge is deaf! I know right?! The mesmerising guitar player who has wooed Sydney with his beautiful music sadly can’t even hear the magic that is emanating from his own guitar. I found this really heartbreaking and astonishing and I think I sat in astounded silence for about five minutes whilst I took this information in. But as we learn, he doesn’t view it as much of a negative. As he said, he’s never known any different and he also gets an insight into music that many non hard of hearing people would never dream of being in tune with.

Unfortunately, I struggled with him as a character to be honest. I wanted to love him, I really did, and at the beginning I did. He’s SO lovely and kind, and extremely hot as well, which is a bonus, but I got a sense that he was almost too good be true. Which, as it turned out, was right to a certain extent. We quickly learn that whilst outrageously flirting with Sydney and caving in to his desire to kiss her, he also has a girlfriend. To be fair, they aren’t just feelings of carnal desire and they really do have such a connection. However, I just feel that as soon as he started having feelings for another girl, he should have made arrangements for her to move out so that they could get some distance from each other and hopefully leave their feelings to dissipate. Even better, because he even had the capability to develop such strong feelings for her in the first place, he should have realised that perhaps his heart wasn’t as devoted to Maggie as he originally thought.

He said several times to Sydney that he would NEVER break up with Maggie. Even Warren, Ridge’s best friend and house mate, told her in no uncertain terms that there was no future for Ridge and Sydney because his heart belonged to Maggie. This was something that really frustrated me throughout the book, and Ridge’s almost blind devotion to Maggie, however sweet, was annoying because he didn’t allow himself to even consider a future with his true heart’s desire due to his stubbornness to stay with Maggie. He was also very adamant that he knew what was best for their relationship and thought Maggie was ridiculous when she was suggesting they break up when all she was trying to do was do the right thing and tell him how she felt. He was rather tyrannical about it actually. But then he ends up with Sydney in the end anyway?! I just felt like it was a lot of heartache for nothing! Obviously Hoover constructed this situation to create suspense, but still… Many tissues were used whilst I was reading this book… And admittedly it is Maggie who breaks it up in the end so I suppose he did follow through with his stubbornness to the best of his abilities! It was just so frustrating that he didn’t realise that they were no longer together for the right reasons. I really liked that it was Maggie who opened his eyes to this eventually though, as she was after all a victim of his betrayal. If it had been Ridge who broke it off and Maggie had been left heartbroken, Ridge would have come across as such an asshole. However, the fact that it was Maggie made me feel a lot better about them breaking up and it gave me confidence that despite her circumstances, her world wouldn’t fall apart without Ridge to care of her, unlike what many of the characters thought.

Now that we’re on the subject of Maggie, I feel that despite being a relatively marginal character, she definitely deserves some space in this review. She is such a fantastic character and she’s the kind of person I would adore to be friends with! The friendship she and Sydney kindle is beautiful and at time hilarious, especially when they get drunk together! I also love that Maggie and Ridge are so open with each other and up until the point that he starts falling for Sydney, Ridge tells her everything that is going on with Sydney and Maggie is absolutely fine about it! If some hot girl moved in with my boyfriend, I would be nowhere near as cool about it as she is, so she really deserves a lot of credit. This makes it even more heartbreaking for her when the reader begins to see the inkling of love forming between Ridge and Sydney. The dramatic irony is too much to take at times! I have to admit though that I was kind of hoping all along that her and Ridge would break up as clearly he and Sydney were meant for each other. And I know this is evil, but I even found myself being a little bit happy when it looked like Maggie was on the verge of death as I was thinking, “Yes!! They can now be together without having to feel guilty!”. However, I now know that this wouldn’t have been a great situation as she would have died without the closure that comes between them. On top of that, Ridge probably would have been too heartbroken to be with Sydney anyway as he wouldn’t have known how restricted Maggie felt and the fact that they were better off without each other after all. I’m glad that Maggie ‘broke free’ from Ridge in the end as it’s only through her view of things that we realise their relationship hadn’t been all it was cracked up to be! As we find out, their idyllic little bubble turned out only to be suffocating them both.

As I’ve touched on briefly, the ending was perfect in my eyes. It was so hard because all the way through, me and Katie would gossip about what was happening and she made me think it was going to be a sad ending! So obviously I was chuffed to bits when it all worked out for the best after an anxious wait! Maggie and Ridge broke up for all the right reasons which left him and Sydney free to love each other without the guilt that had previously accompanied them – after an excruciatingly long wait, of course!

All that’s lefts to say is that Colleen Hoover definitely delivered on this book and I cannot wait to start reading more of her work – Katie’s recommendation is Ugly Love and after seeing the film trailer for it, I was convinced. The challenge now is to see whether I can be patient enough to read the book before seeing the film! It looks so good! Anyway, go out there my fledglings and read this cracker of a book, you won’t regret it! Well, you will if you forget to have copious amounts of tissues with you – you will need them!

Once again, have a very merry Christmas and a happy New Year!

Lots of love from Sarah Xxx


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